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Weigh In Wednesday 2.7.18

Love is in the air – or is that just Swamp Thing funk? – for the Young Monsters of the DCU, Swampy makes a second appearance this week in a tribute to his creators, Superman and Son head off into space to save a planet that wants to die, the Man of Steel takes on […]

A Grim View Of A Dark Future

I went to the comic shop today, and it went something like this: No new comics = no Weigh In Wednesday I tried to find something to buy, but nothing appealed to me. I considered providing some sort of alternative in this post, but decided instead to give everyone a taste of the nightmare scenario […]

Weigh In Wednesday 1.24.18

This week brings us a fun(ko) collection of the further adventures of Cliff Secord, while over at another publisher Cliff’s best girl Bettie heats up the Cold War, a comic book adaptation of a non-comic book story by comic book legend Neil Gaiman about the humdrum – especially these days – subject of the end […]

Weigh In Wednesday 1.17.18

The legendary George Pérez spins an epic tale of women who will save the galaxy – if they can remember who they are, in the hour of Asgardia’s greatest need its mightiest hero is missing in action, Wonder Woman and Conan fight to save innocent lives, Superman grants some wishes, Damian’s mom pops in for […]

Weigh In Wednesday 1.10.18

I’m posting this a little later than usual because I had a job interview today. This problem will only get worse if/when I get a job, so if you don’t want to see that happen, support OpenDoor Comics on Patreon so that I don’t have to get a job! The Man of Steel and the Man of Gold […]

Weigh In Wednesday 1.3.18

…so I tried to find something else to buy, but there just really wasn’t anything that appealed to me. I suppose I’ll have to look at other options for this scenario in the future, but in the meantime, you can still go through the motions by 12 AM Eastern on January 8th, if you want. […]

Weigh In Wednesday 12.27.17

The final Weigh In of the year brings us, fittingly enough, the last tale in the year-long challenge faced by the Last Boy on Earth, a tale of the Teen Titans for the sake of completeness, Batman finding that his problems go Beyond the Royal Flush Gang, Superman and Booster Gold continuing their time-travelling road […]

Weigh In Wednesday 12.20.17

Back to not trying to swing the vote, as we look at a Weigh In that includes a a patriarchy-punching Bitch Planet Triple Feature, a multi-part story focused on the Super Sons of the future, Wonder Woman and Conan working together and trying not to kill each other first, a hell of a holiday tale […]

Weigh In Wednesday 12.13.17

Superman and Booster Gold take a road trip to the past, oh, look, Wonder Woman is all chained up; that’s so unusual, it’s date night for Scott and Barda as Mister Miracle’s execution awaits and the comic gets its “Mature” rating, and the gods deliver a Wickedly Divine Christmas special. Voters in Alabama made the […]