Super Hero Singalong No. 2

Karaoke Kid later died heroically in the epic battle with the Song-Eater.

(Click the image to make it grow like Colossal Boy.)

To the tune of “Don’t Stop Believing,” of course, as is only fitting, here on Journey Into Mediocrity. As is also fitting, this parody matches the level of earnestness of the original. And that level is “Painfully.”

I know, I know – everyone does a riff on the iconic cover to Adventure Comics #247 eventually. This isn’t even my first. But it was too thematically perfect for this Singalong, so it was impossible to avoid. Though the argument could – and no doubt will – be made that I should have just avoided doing this Singalong in the first place.

And I know their “Super-Hero Club House” wasn’t on the cover, but I wanted to include it. And yes, I know that Flight Rings didn’t exist yet in those days before Legion lore solidified and Garth was still called “Lightning Boy” and Rokk wore that fishbowl on his head. All I can say in my defense is, “Shut up, nerd.”