Oh, Say Can You See…Like, AT ALL?

“Many people are saying I have 20/20 vision. Some say 20/10. Others say I have telescopic vision, like Superman. Which is why I don’t need glasses like that FAKE NEWS reporter Clark Kent. Just the best vision possible. Tremendous, big, tippy-top vision. A big, tough, strong man who never cried in his life came up to me with tears in his eyes – eyes that can’t see as well as mine – and said, ‘Sir, thank you for seeing so clearly.'”

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Also, the font I used for Trump’s dialogue is based on his handwriting and was created by BuzzFeed graphic designer Mark Davis. It’s available for free here.

And please note that I’m not really mocking his inability to see – without correction, my own eyesight is terrible – but rather the unwarranted vanity that prevents him from admitting to having any kind of “weakness” or to do anything to address the issues he obviously has.