Super Hero Singalong No. 3

(To the tune of “People are Strange,” of course. Break on through…to the other side of the universe.

You thought – hoped, prayed – that I’d forgotten about this whole “Super Hero Singalong” thing, hadn’t you? Well…honestly, I did, for a bit. But I remember now. Oh yes, I remember everything.

The only thing standing between you and a whole lot more of these is my laziness.

So, you know, you’re probably okay.

Anyway, in case you’re somehow here without having seen anything about it, which seems unlikely, there’s a new site in the OpenDoor Comics Family: The Spinner Rack!

Want to get the latest, greatest info about comics and comics-related stories? Want to see other, better webcomics? Then look no further than…The Spinner Rack!

(Well, look a bit further than that. I mean, pointing out things further away for you to look at is kind of the whole point of the site. But…well, just look, huh?)