See That, LOCAL Employers? I DO Have Skills!

I’m trying not to think of it as earning less money, but rather as engaging in financial time travel. It’s like I’ve gone back in time ten years, but I know more now than I did then. Unfortunately, the main thing I know is how much nicer it is to make more money.

It’s true; I called it months ago. Oh well, gotta do something, I guess.

But hey, just because I have a job again that doesn’t mean you can’t still help me make this whole comics publishing platform thing a go.

Check out all the ways that you can help support OpenDoor Comics, and help me tell the Universe where it can go!

I mean, if you read this, it was at least better than dying, right? Right?


(Also, I mostly put this text here so that the text of the ad code doesn’t show up in the Facebook link to this post.)

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Jon Maki

Born and raised in the sparsely-populated Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Jon Maki developed an enduring love for comics at an early age.

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