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Post-Con Check-In

The last post mentioned that your humble (only because I’ve been humbled so many times) President and Publisher was going to be attending a convention. Since that time, the convention-attending has occurred, so I thought that I’d just pop in quickly and talk about it a bit. There is a lot I could say about […]

Showcase Saturday 10.13.18

There’s a triple helping of Gail Simone this week, along with a Spooktacular special, Superman having only a ghost of a chance of surviving in the Phantom Zone, the second part of a Wonder Woman story that I didn’t read the first part of, a look at one of Catwoman’s previous lives, Arabian Nights, and […]

Spotlight Sunday 7.15.18

A desire to accentuate the positive means that there are spoilers ahead for… Domino #4 Writer: Gail Simone Artist: David Baldeon Cover: Greg Land $3.99 Marvel “I resent that. I like a lot of snacks and sexy bits. I’m a well-rounded person.” My sister passed away this past week, marking the second loss of a […]

Spotlight Sunday 6.10.18

An overwhelming lack of enthusiasm means that there are spoilers ahead for… Red Sonja/Tarzan #2 Writer: Gail Simone Artist: Walter Geovani Cover: Aaron Lopresti Rated Teen+ $3.99 Dynamite “I quite feel that sheathing my blade to get assistance from the man who threw me over isn’t perhaps the wisest of all strategies at this time.” […]

Spotlight Sunday 12.31.17

Sigh. Okay, so now it’s a rule: one person, one vote. I mean, I kind of wish that everyone had that much enthusiasm and would vote at least once – the Weigh In posts get a lot more views than actual votes, which is kind of odd, given that it is pretty easy to vote, and […]

Spotlight Sunday 9.24.17

Spotlight Sunday 9.24.17

If you’ve read any of my Spotlight Sunday entries, and have also read traditional reviews of, well, anything, you know that what I write here isn’t really a traditional review so much as a rambling recap of what happened in the selected comic, along with somewhat-related side anecdotes, and just my overall feeling about the […]